How to lose weight – the best and most effective method!

Weight loss

According to this “WHO article” obesity is growing at an alarming rate. Almost 1/3rd of the world is obese or overweight. That is a pretty staggering statistic in itself. By having obesity, you do not just do not look good but play with your health as well as it’s been proved that obese people are at a higher health risk than other people. If you are overweight, obese or in general lookout for better health, there’s a huge information available online as well as offline. The fitness industry has seen a boom today like no other time. There are so many articles, videos and e-books available online telling you about the latest diets, exercises or pills to reduce weight. You must have tried some or many of them only to find that they do not work the way it is claimed to be and probably spent hundreds of bucks to do that as well.

So now you’ve stumbled upon this article in your quest to lose weight. First of all let me begin my article by mentioning that I am not going to provide a magical pill here which will enable you to lose weight in a week or a month; but, what I am going to do here is to provide you with the most tried and tested method telling you “how to lose weight.”

Fun Fact: Do you know the term “how to lose weight” is one of the most searched terms in google search? That just provides a sad mirror image to the state of health in today’s time.

The method that i am going to provide here is the basis of all those fad diet plans which those nutritionists, health experts charge a fortune to provide. You do not need to spend a single penny for this weight loss method. In fact, it is so simple that no one is talking about it and are trying to make the weight loss (or gain) procedure more and more complex day by day.

Now that I have your attention, let me unveil my old, tested, proven and 100% guaranteed method to lose weight. It is called ‘Calorie Count’. I would even go to the extent of saying that this is the only method to lose or gain weight. All other “diet plans” simply revolve around it.

‘Calorie Count’ in its simplest sense means ‘counting the calories’. Calorie is a unit of energy. You consume energy and then you burn energy. If you consume more energy than you burn, you are bound to get fat and vice versa. So the food that you eat, breaks into calories inside the body. The body then utilizes this energy to do all its functions. So if you eat more food than your body burns, you’ll gain weight and if you eat less than your body needs or burns, you’ll lose weight. Its really that simple folks, believe me!

Fun Fact:  An adult man needs about 1,300 calories daily just to stay alive.

You need to get yourself familiar with the kind of calories there are. Different nutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fats) get broken into different amount of calories in our body. “This article” will greatly assist you in that. Now that you are familiar with the breakdown of calories of the foods that you eat, I would suggest you start reading labels of the foods that you purchase to eat. This will greatly benefit you in keeping a watch on your calorie intake as well. There are a few apps and websites that you can go on to and keep a tab on your calorie intake (My Fitness Pal is very popular and easy app to do so).

Now that you are keeping a track of your calories, start a workout or fitness regime as well to kick start the weight loss quickly. If you need to lose weight or gain muscle, we highly recommend getting your calories from quality food sources and not junk food. In fact, try to eat home cooked meals as much as possible as it is very difficult to monitor calories in a restaurant cooked food/meal. Keep a tab on your weight and measurements on a weekly basis and add or subtract calories from your daily meals as per your goal. Confused? Let me make it really simple by this example below

Suppose you are an adult male eating 3000 calories approximately daily and you need to lose weight. If you are eating the same amount of calories everyday and still not losing weight, try to reduce your calories by 100-200  calories daily from your diet which amounts to almost 700-1400 calories in a week and then measure your weight. If it drops, it means it’s working, if it still does not drop, try dropping another 100 calories from your diet. Believe me, it will work for sure. For all those muscle gainers out there, this method will work for you too. Just add calories every week instead of reducing it to gain weight/muscle mass.

Here is the “how to lose weight” method to follow in the following points to make it even simpler for you.

  1. Measure your weight, body measurements (like waist, chest, biceps, hips etc.) and note them down for future reference. You can also take a few pictures of your body from different angles to gauge your progress.
  2. Make a starting point of calories that you need to take everyday for a week. Ideal maintenance calories (calories required to maintain own weight) for adult male and female is 2500 and 2000 calories respectively. You can take these calories as your reference calories.
  3. Now that you know the amount of calories that you need to eat every day, track those calories using an app or note it down in a diary every day.
  4. After a fortnight, note your weight and body measurements again to see if you’ve lost or gained weight/mass and make changes to your diet accordingly, if needed. Add or subtract a certain amount from your daily calories of your diet according to your goals.
  5. Repeat if required. If you start to lose weight at a certain amount of calories, stick to those calories on a daily basis.

Now that you know how to follow this effective “how to lose weight” method, here are a few bullet points to follow  if you really want to succeed in losing or gaining weight.

  • Always take your measurements in the same environmental and physical condition. We recommend taking weight and measurements right after waking up in your undergarments every time. This ensures a consistency of measurements.
  • Not all calories are created equally. So make sure you are eating high quality foods during the whole process. Avoid Junk food or foods whose calories you cannot track. Always eat those foods whose calories can be counted or is available.
  • Stick to this program for at least a month before giving up. As you already must have felt, this is a trial and error method and only you can better accomplish its success.
  • Do not, and I repeat “DO NOT” drop or add more than 500 calories at once from your diet plan. It can be very unhealthy for your body to drop so many calories all of a sudden.
  • Keep a track of your calories religiously on a daily basis. Your success or failure depends on it. Take assistance of an app if you need to.
  • Read product label to better grasp the knowledge of calorie distribution in the foods at super stores.
  • Join a fitness activity like gym, sports, hiking, jogging, swimming etc. for chances of greater success. You need not do that every day but do try to do the activity at least 3-4 times in a week.

Now that you’ve read a one thousand word article on ‘calorie count’, you must have realized that it cannot get simpler than this. We have made the “how to lose weight” process much complex than it deserves. And if by any chance, this method seemed complex to you, just start counting your calories and that’s it. You’ll be better informed, if nothing else.



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