Top health tips to follow this holiday season

Festival merriment

The holiday season is upon us finally. And you know what that means – grand feasts, yummy treats, bizzare cocktails and our health goals out for a spin. We’ve all been there where we follow our health regimes religiously for whole year only to break down at the end of the year festivities. Well it doesn’t have to be like that. There are ways to enjoy the holidays without harming your health goals too much and we are going to share them with you so that you can enjoy your holidays without losing your fitness.


Stay hydrated


Stay hydrated: We cannot stress the importance of H2O enough. It makes you feel full thereby reducing the chances of you going for that piece of pie or that can of soda. Plus it also helps, largely to keep the adverse affects of alcohal at bay. So keep a bottle of water handy always with you.




Food stocked up
Stock up your cabinet with health foods
: Lets admit it, if you do last minute christmas shopping at stores you’ll end up buying all the wrong things. the market is full of  carb/sugar loaded treats that look so irresistible that we end up picking them eventually. You should pick healthy and organic versions of foods for yourself and stock up your fridge and cabinet with those. Eventually you will pass up on unhealthy food as you have full reserve of food stock available.


make treats at home

Try to make treats at home
: We all love pies, donuts and cakes. But there’s a difference from a store bought treat and home made treat. When making these treats at home, you can control and/or substitute the ingredients. For example honey is always healthy option than processed sugar. You get the general idea. Home made treats will be healthier and if made right tastier too.


alcohol intake

Watch your alcohol intake
: when friends and family are around, its very easy to lose track of drinks during those riveting moments. And most alcoholic drinks contain a lot of calories. So it might be better to substitute your regular beer with something lower in calories. It might be a celebration on holidays but that doesn’t mean that your meal plan goes for a holiday too.


stay active during holidays
Stay active
: We know its difficult during festivals with all the friends and family around to go for a gym session but that doesnt mean that you cannot go for a light walk, jog or swim. In fact make your friends and family join in for walks, some sports or any fun physical activity that everyone can enjoy. It will not only keep you active but can be a great bonding activity for everyone too.


Fun with friends


Focus on fun not food: We have associated all our festivals and holidays with foods but we forget a very simple thing. It’s all about fun and not the food. Plan some fun activities like group songs, Christmas carols, games etc to make it more lively.



Also know that you’d be eating some not so healthy stuff during holidays. Do not feel guilty if you do and lose the guilt. A little indulgence won’t set you back a lot. Just remember to do everything in moderation. Last but not the least – Happy Holidays everyone!😃

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