Top 15 fitness tips of all time!!!

Top fitness tips

Are you tired of missing your fitness targets every time? Do you fall short of your fitness goals every year? And do you start a fitness regime with full dedication only to fall short in the middle of the routine? Well worry not; first of all you are not alone. There are numerous people who show the drive, determination and enthusiasm earlier only for it to fizzle out at the last moment.

First of all, let me confess that I am not a complete pro at finishing my targets as well. Every time I started on a fitness regime, something pulled me back; sometimes it was work pressure, sometimes family and friends demanded my attention; but in the end it all came down to one word – resolve. Yes, if the resolve isn’t strong enough, you will fail in your endeavors – be it fitness, work, relationships or life in general.

That is why I am here to provide you some amazing tips – some of them may be very basic and some of them advanced to help you achieve your fitness goals.

  1. Make a plan: Your first task is to make a plan regarding your fitness goals. You can take the assistance of a professional or simply bump up on any of the numerous fitness sites available online. Just make sure you stick to the plan suited to your level of expertise like beginner, advanced etc.
  2. Stick to the plan: Most of us do start with a fantastic plan and stick to it for some time and then simply drop it as we don’t see immediate results or simply lose interest. Make sure you complete the stipulated time frame of the plan or at least give it 2 to 3 months to bear fruits before giving up altogether.
  3. Set Realistic Goals: This is perhaps the most important of all the tips here. You have to set realistic goals for yourself. You can’t go from a fat person to a person with 6 pack abs in 2 months. There’s a lot of dedication, hard work and sacrifices that goes behind a chiseled body. So make sure you give yourself enough time to achieve the goals. You can set yourself short term goals of course but they have to be realistic nonetheless.
  4. Do your research: When I started out in the journey of fitness and gym, I was a novice and believed everything that anyone told me and it certainly hurt my fitness goals. If you do your proper research, you’ll have less chances of failing in your fitness journey for sure.
  5. Keep yourself motivated. Do not give up: No matter how many hurdles come your way, no matter how hard it may seem, do not give up on your goals. There are people who do not have legs completing marathons, people in wheelchair playing sports and so many other people we can take inspiration from. If they can do it, we certainly do not have a reason to not follow our dreams and goals. If you ever feel short of motivation, think of these people, listen to motivational speeches and cultivate the power or imagination to keep yourself excited to achieve your goals.
  6. Choose an activity that you like: Let’s face it; chances are bright of failure if you do not like the activity that you love. Of course running 1 hour on a treadmill every day is bound to bore you to death. Therefore, choose an activity that piques your interest. It can by gym, dance, sports, swimming, trekking, jogging or even as simple as walking. Just try to inculcate one or activities to your daily life which coincidently also brings us to our next point.
  7. Diversify your fitness activities: Boredom plays a huge role in missing out on fitness goals. The best way to achieve that is to diversify the activities that you undertake. There a plethora of activities to choose from like swimming, hiking, cycling, rock climbing, jogging and all different types of sports. If you are getting bored of your fitness regime, try including a different one for some time and then after some time you can return to the older regime and it would not be so boring anymore. Try it; it’s a tried and tested formula.
  8. Monitor your progress: Another important aspect that many people ignore is to monitor their progress e.g. its best to note down your weight every week if you are on a weight loss or weight gain program. This enables you to constantly be aware of your progress and whether you are doing the right things or not.
  9. Watch your diet: You’ve joined the gym or a sports club and have started on this journey towards being a fitter, healthier person but after your workout session you come home and gulp down a whole cheese pizza or a large burger with side dish of fries and cola. Does this sound familiar? Well diet is the main part of reaching your fitness goals. If you ignore your diet, you won’t achieve any of your intended targets. Also keep a note on the type of diet that you need to undertake. A diet of a person losing weight is going to be different than someone who is aiming to gain muscles and a diet of a sprinter is going to be different than that of a marathon runner. So be smart about your dietary choices.
  10. Do not train longer train smarter: Have you ever noticed a person in the gym who is chatting everyone up and taking calls and regular breaks in between? Do not be that guy or gal, please. Your workouts or training sessions need not be long and tedious. Just focus on your workout, do it with all your dedication and after it’s complete you can chat with people all you want. I’ve found that listening to music via headphones/earphones keeps us less distracted during workouts.
  11. Stretch yourself: Stretching is perhaps the more undervalued activity related to fitness and exercise and I cannot stress its importance enough. By doing proper stretching, you muscles will be more limber and warmer in anticipation of the upcoming exercise or activity. Do your stretches for 10 minutes before starting your exercise and for 5-10 minutes after completing your exercise. Your muscles will be a lot less stiff, your limbs will be more flexible and additionally you will drastically reduce chances of any injuries in future.
  12. Dress for the occasion: You cannot wear an informal dress at a formal reception. Same way you need to wear the right dress for the kind of activity you choose. If you choose running, make sure you have proper running shoes so as to avoid blisters in the feet and avoid chances of injuring yourself. If you choose gym, make sure you wear proper fitting clothes, have a towel to clean the sweat and gloves that help in traction while lifting the weights. Believe me, right dress and accessories can make your workout a lot fun and easy to carry out.
  13. Keep yourself hydrated: Our body is made up of almost 80% water and most of us do not take enough water throughout the day to fulfill our daily quota of water. Many small problems that we face regularly like minor headaches, feeling less energy and having bowel movement trouble can be attributed to drinking less water. Water intake takes even more significance if you have an active lifestyle. Therefore, drink enough water and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and during workouts. You will feel a lot active if you have enough water in your system. If you want more details on the importance of water, check out this post “HOW EXACTLY IMPORTANT IS WATER AND HOW MUCH OF IT DO WE REALLY NEED?” in which we have greatly discussed the importance of water in our life.
  14. Sleep well: You’ve done a hardcore workout during the day and have taken a nourishing meal as well. Next step is to sleep well and let your body recover naturally from the vigorous wear and tear that it has gone through earlier. Sleep is our body’s natural recovering cycle. It also keeps our mood fresh and makes us happier. So make sure you get a good night’s sleep daily. We recommend 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. To achieve this you can try some herbal teas, listening to soft music, doing some boring household chores, cutting off electronic gadgets before sleep and having proper temperature and light during sleep.
  15. Be flexible: Let’s admit that we all live busy lifestyles which can make us skip our workout sessions regularly. Don’t get disheartened if it happens, it happens to the best of us. Trick lies in managing your time properly. So you skipped your workout one day, try to make up for it next day by adding a few more reps/exercises/sessions to your next workout. Skipping your sessions for a few days won’t derail the process, thinking that it has will certainly derail it. So always be positive and take your sessions with all the dedication and focus.

In fitness as in general life, arming yourself with appropriate information can make a world of difference in achieving your goals. We hope our tips help you reach your potential and achieve even better results than you imagined.

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