Ketogenic Diet – All you need to know about ketogenic diet

keto diet

There’s a trend for every type of diet. Not too long ago military diet was all the rage, before that no fat diets were so common. Now enter a new diet called Ketogenic Diet. Well if you think of it, ketogenic diet is not that new at all. In fact this is the diet that our ancestors used to take. In all its basic, ketogenic diet simply means high fat and no carb diet with a moderate amount of protein thrown in between. How much fat – you may ask? Well a perfect ketogenic diet comprises of 75% fat, 20 % protein and just 5% carbs. Confused? Let me try and explain this diet and its benefits as simply as possible.

Now how does ketogenic diet derive its name? To understand this lets dwelve into the science of food a little. When we eat carbs, it gets broken in the form of glucose and gets absorbed by the body. But when you aren’t taking any carbs and just fats, your body doesn’t have its preferred source of energy available anymore, i.e. glucose from carbs. So what your body does is quite magnificient; it starts deriving its energy from fat resources from your body and becomes somewat a machine running on fat as a fuel instead of carbs, thereby, burning fat stored inside your body as well. Now this state of fat burning for fuel takes around 3-4 days from the body to accomplish when it starts running on fat instead of carbs, this state is called as ketosis and your body is said to run on keton bodies produced by burning of fat. Still confused? Simply consider this – body eats carbs, produces glucose for energy and when body eats fats and no carbs, it produces ketones for energy. And as per scientists, ketones make you more energetic than carbs. But to achieve true ketosis, your carb intake has to be below 5% or else it will be difficult to reach ketosis.
Some of the benefits of this diet are mentioned as below:

  • Ketogenic diet is an amazing weight loss diet. You are literally guaranteed to lose an amazing amount of weight and that too very quickly in this diet.
  • You will feel more energetic in this diet as keto bodies have a tendency to provide more energy on burning than glucose from carbs.
  • May Reduce Blood Sugar and Insulin Levels in addition to a Major Improvement in Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Keto diet may be a good for gut health in the long run, therefore, leading to healthy gut.
  • Keto diet provides healthy support to the brain and may lead to a healthy brain activity. Scientists have discovered increased cognition and enhanced memory in adults who were on this diet.
  • Some scientists are even recounting the benefits of ketogenic diets towards treatment of cancer. It’s said that cancer cells feed on carbs and by eliminating carbs, cancer can be cured or atleast this diet can assist in cancer treatment.
  • Again, related to the downstream effects of keeping blood glucose low and stable, ketogenic dieting helps keep blood pressure in check and lowers triglyceride levels.
  • ketogenic dieting is profoundly anti-inflammtory and helps with a host of related health problems like acne, arthritis, eczema, psoriasis, IBS, pain, etc

In my humble opinion, ketogenic diet is a great diet and if you suffer from any problems or are simply in search of a diet to lose weight, simply go for this diet. The results that you will get will be amazing, guaranteed.

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