How to Increase your Sex Drive

Low Sex Drive

What is Sex Drive?

Sex drive (also known as libido) is a reflection of a person’s overall desire to have a sexual activity. The more sex drive you have, the more your desire to have sex. A huge surge or extreme frequency of sex may lead a person to suffer from hyper-sexuality while a person suffering from repressed or sublimated sex drive is said to be hypo-sexual. Sex Drive is influenced by a number of factors like social, biological and psychological. The two primary hormones called testosterone and dopamine play a major role in determining the libido of a person.

Sexual desire plays a major role in the formation of intimate relationships. Lack of sexual desire may cause severe consequences in a relationship. In fact, lower sex drive from the partner is considered to be the biggest reason for infidelity among both sexes (male and female). It may even lead to a certain individual being sexually starved or frustrated due to the absence of a satisfying outlet for their sexual release.

Both men and women can be sexually repressive or aggressive. In men, hormone called testosterone generally governs the sex drive they have. Lower testosterone levels have been associated in loss of libido among men. Infact studies have now shown that testosterone may be equally important for woman’s sexual health. Also, a woman’s sexual desire is directly correlated to her menstrual cycle. A woman is at her peak fertility period two days before and after ovulation, which tends to heighten her sexual desire as well. In women, estrogen is another key hormone and plays a crucial role in her sexual health as well.

Loss of Libido (or sex drive)

Now that you have a fair bit of understanding of sex drive, let’s discuss loss of libido and its leading causes since it affects so many men and women all over the world (both young and old). Loss of libido is directly related to stress, anxiety, fatigue and may be a precursor to some underlying problem. As already mentioned above that loss of libido is directly related to testosterone levels and lower testosterone (& lower sex drive) is believed to cause following problems

  1. Strains in intimate relationships
  2. Fatigue and tiredness
  3. Decreased energy levels throughout the day.
  4. Mood swings (irritability and feeling down or blue)
  5. More body fat and reduced muscle mass in the body
  6. May cause serious problems like diabetes, osteoporosis & heart problems.
  7. Genital Numbness and erectile dysfunction among men.
  8. Failure to achieve sexual satisfaction or orgasm during sexual encounters
  9. Can cause sleeping disorders like sleep apnea
  10. Psychological and in turn social disturbance

So you see, lack of sex drive is not just an indicator of your sexual health but may also be an underlying reason for so many health ailments as well. The major reasons due to which people suffer from lack of libido are:-

  • Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and increased intake of tobacco products like cigarettes and drug abuse are found to be a leading cause of libido loss. Excessive alcohol interferes with the body’s neuro-receptors and affects the feeling of excitement associated with sexual activities. Also tobacco affects sexual health in manners which probably needn’t even be discussed here as so much information is already available to you regarding that. Drug misuse is also associated with loss of sexual desire among both men and women. Our tip is to ditch the tobacco, limit alcohol intake and consume drugs under strict professional supervision.

  • Relationship Troubles

Are you happy in your relationship? Is your relationship emotionally stable? If the answer to the above questions is ‘No’, chances are you’ll suffer from lower sexual drive. Emotional needs and stability play a huge role in having a fulfilling physical interaction with a companion. Loss of sexual attraction towards a partner, poor communication, boring sexual routines, trust issues can also cause libido loss in a partner (or both of them).

  • Sexual Problems

 If you or your partner suffers from sexual/physical problems, chances are you’ll have a lack of sex drive. For example, lower sexual drive may be a result of the following problems

  • Ejaculation troubles (pre ejaculation or delayed ejaculation)
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Vaginal issues (like dryness, involuntary tightness etc.)
  • Inability to achieve orgasm
  • Sexual incompatibility

Although these problems are quite significant, they can be treated with appropriate professional help.

  • Obesity

being overweight or obese often results in a lack of desire. Your self-esteem also goes for a toss if you are obese. In addition to this, you develop a poor body image for yourself (if you’re obese) or your partner (if he/she is), thereby, resulting in a huge lack of sex drive among companions towards their obese partners. Obesity is not disease as many have made us believe but it certainly is not a good sign if you are one.

  • Stress, anxiety & depression

You can add exhaustion to the above mentioned factors too. Together they form probably the biggest sex drive killers in today’s world. Stress and anxiety can be all consuming, interfering with your happiness quotient, thereby affecting sexual drive. Depression is an altogether different animal. We often confuse stress & depression. Depression is a serious illness that doesn’t just affect sexual health, but affects all other aspects of your life. It’s a two edged sword with these factors as they may lead to a lack of sex drive while a lack of sex drive may lead to stress, anxiety & depression.

  • Age

Although age doesn’t play havoc with libido with everyone but a majority of people suffer from it as they get old. The reasons can be manifold like side effects of certain medications, lower/falling levels of sex hormones like testosterone & menopause among women.

  • Health Problems and side effects from medicines

As already mentioned that underlying problems may result in a lack of sexual desire. Lower libido is associated with problems like heart issues, diabetes, thyroid and even cancer. It is always better to get diagnostic tests done to be completely sure. Another aspect to consider is the side effects from the existing medication that you might be undertaking for some health issues. A case in point is the anti-depressant medicine that has been associated with lower libido level. Some other medicines to treat diseases like high blood pressure, seizures, cancer are also known to cause lower libido. Hormonal contraceptives and anti-psychotics may also cause lower sex drive as a result of their side effect.
Kindly note that women may also suffer loss of sexual desire during pregnancy, after giving birth and during breast feeding stage of the child.

  • Modern Lifestyle

We live in a fast paced society where everyone is hustling towards a goal. In this 24/7 society we often neglect our health and diet which plays a major role in physical/sexual health of an individual. Skipping meals, poor dietary choices, lack of physical exercise, and prolonged exposure to digital gadgets has become a norm. This has led to a decrease in physical prowess of the society which in turn has drastically increased sex related problems of people.

How to increase sex drive or libido?

Most of these problems are self-induced and can be corrected with a correct approach. Here we will provide you with some very simple and powerful tips to increase your sex drive. We tend to believe in adopting more of a natural approach towards achieving this goal.

  1. Limit your alcohol intake. Do not go for more than 2 glasses of wine in a day.
  2. Kick the butt which means stop smoking altogether.
  3. If you are a drug addict, get help and try to get rid of this menace. There are a lot of drug de-addiction centers which will assist you in that.
  4. Communicate with your partner. Lack of communication will lead to so many relationship problems let alone sexual ones. Get the help of a councellor if you need to get your relationship back on track.
  5. Get yourself diagnosed for sexual and other health problems regularly. Consult your doctor if any red flags show up during the diagnosis.
  6. Discuss the effects and side effects of your medication with your doctor. Ask him to change your medication if it is interfering with your sexual health. Go and get a second medical opinion if need be.
  7. Try to get at least 20 minutes of exercise per day. Exercise can be as simple as walking and as rigorous as a full blown workout at the gym. If you want to know some simple exercises that you can do at home, check out this “article“.
  8. Adopt meditation if you suffer from a lot of stress, anxiety and depression. It might not cure the problem but will certainly help you in combating it.
  9. Also monitor your sleep. If you do not sleep well, you’ll feel tired which will in turn affect your sex drive too. Therefore, try to get enough sleep in a day so that your body is refreshed after a hard grind at work. You can also check out this “article” where we have discussed the importance of sleep in your life.
  10. Try to improve your diet, eat balanced foods and get rid of junk food altogether. Also add these foods to your diet as they give your libido a much needed lift


Sr. No.

Food Item




Produces heat, boosts endomorphins



Antioxidants help in increasin sexual desire



help in balanced hormone levels and less stress


Sea Food

Act as aphrodisiac. Raise testosterone and oestrogen levels



contain amino acids which increase blood flow and sexual response



Contains omega-3 fats, which are good for sexual health



Contain zinc, which improves blood flow to organs


Dark Chocolate

contains phenylethylamine which is associated with sexual attraction



Thins the blood making it reach sexual organs easily



Contains citrulline which relaxes blood vessels and increases sex drive.


As you see, it is very simple to increase your sex drive by making a few small changes to your lifestyle. We hope this article has helped you in understanding libido better and the ways you can improve your sex drive.

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