30 Best tips for health and longevity

We’ve done all the hard work. You just need to follow these simple steps that will make your life healthier.

  1. Drink More water.
  2. Replace sugary drinks like colas with water, green tea or coconut water.
  3. Avoid genetically engineered foods which are most likely to be found in the derivatives of the following foods in the supermarket – soy, corn, cotton seed, sugars from beet, some varieties of zucchini . Therefore try to consume organic foods as much as possible.
  4. Avoid processed sugars from your diet.
  5. Start reading and understanding food labels. All food companies are bound to mention the ingredients and quantity on their labels. If you read the label you can find a lot about the food item you are about to purchase at the store.
  6. Add healthy fats like nuts, seeds, olive and coconut oils and omega 3 fatty fishes to your diet and remove saturated fats like unhealthy oils from your diet.
  7. Maintain proper hygiene in and around your home and work.
  8. Add lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet. Especially add green veggies to your diet.
  9. Add probiotic and fermented foods to your diet like yogurt. You can even take a probiotic supplement for your gut health.
  10. Try to eat food in its raw form as much as possible or permissible.
  11. Cut back on salt.
  12. Control the portion sizes of food on your plate. Measure the portions on your plate with the size of your fist.
  13. Make sure your diet contains good mixture of protein, carbs and healthy fats.
  14. Avoid junk food like pizzas, burgers, fries. Consider them as a luxury on a cheat day rather than a necessity.
  15. Don’t skip breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day. Always start your day with a healthy breakfast.
  16. Add a daily multivitamin to your breakfast.
  17. Try to get at least 30 mins of physical exercise per day like walking, running, cycling or any other form of exercise.
  18. Try to stay active through out the day.
  19. Try to get some amount of sunlight daily. This will help to optimize vitamin D levels in your body.
  20. Add some kind of meditation to your routine. This will help you to manage stress in a better way.
  21. Limit your exposure to toxins as much as possible.
  22. Take short breaks while working long hours on your desk.
  23. Stretch as soon as you wake up. Also do regular stretching through out the day, even at work.
  24. Brush your teeth twice a day.
  25. Try to maintain your healthy weight through out the year. Its not as difficult as it may seem.
  26. Limit your alcohol intake.
  27. Quit tobacco and smoking.
  28. Get plenty of sleep. To achieve that try to avoid gadgets one hour before sleeping. This will help you to sleep better. You can also read a book. Many people feel that reading a book helps them is sleeping better.
  29. Get regular health checkups done to monitor your health.
  30. Don’t pop medicines at any chance that you get. If you may, try herbal alternatives as long as possible.

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