Simple Fitness Exercises that you can do at home without having to go to gym


Simple Fitness Exercises – We all live a very busy life style thereby making it quite difficult to go to gym or fitness center on a regular basis. Let’s face it; we all have set New Year resolutions to lose weight/gain muscle/look toned but all these resolutions get lost somewhere in the first three weeks of January. This is a scientific fact that most people fail to pursue their New Year resolution only after three weeks. Well it is a fact that most of us lose focus and resolve to continue beyond a certain time period while many of us get lost in our busy life schedules. Moreover, gym memberships can dig quite a big hole in your pocket as well. So what can you do to stay fit without going to gym? Well there are a lot of simple fitness exercises, some of them really very very simple, which we will mention here so that you can stay fit all year long. You’ll not make big bulging muscles but you sure will feel fitter than before.

Start taking stairs instead of elevators

climbing stairs
Do not sweat on seeing this tip. We are not saying that you climb 24 floors to your office but you sure can start climbing 2-3 floors every day and increase the number of floors you climb on a fortnightly basis. After a few weeks you’ll start to feel that you are less out of breath as you progress. Start adopting this fitness exercise daily, you’ll feel a difference. A caution of advice – people with knee problem are advised to refrain from using this exercise.


Balance out your diet

Balanced foodWell we admit this one is not necessarily a fitness exercise; nonetheless, it is so important that we have to include this fitness tip here. No matter the amount of fitness regime you undertake, if you do not eat a balanced diet, you’ll not reap the benefits of your hard work. This is even more important when you are not undergoing hard grill at the gym. Because when you are working hard at the gym, you might get away with wayward eating every now and then but when you are working out at home (which is not that hard as the gym workout), it becomes even more important to eat the right foods and the right amount of foods daily.


Do not keep water at your desk

Water bottle at table
This one is a fairly simple fitness exercise but you’ll have to inculcate this habit in your daily office/home routine. Never keep a water bottle near your desk. Whenever you feel thirsty, walk towards the water cooler and drink a glass and return to your desk. The amount of calories that you burn while walking to and fro from the water resource may not seem like a huge calorie deficit but you’ll start to feel more active slowly but surely.


Walk or cycle to your destination whenever you can

This fitness tip is fairly obvious, isn’t it? Try walking instead of driving wherever & whenever possible. We simply want you to walk as much as possible. And just to let you know, there are a lot of professionals who prefer cycling their way to offices now a days. It’s not just to stay fitter, but also to preserve nature. So you don’t just get to stay fit with this simple fitness exercise but also get to do your bit for the environment.


Try doing some exercises at home

pushups at homeYou need not get an at home gym to accomplish this feat. What you really need is the resolve and barely 15-20 minutes of your time daily. We recommend exercises which do not require any heavy equipment like push-ups, chin-ups (chin-up bars can be set up easily), burpees, standing squats (without weights), planks, lunges, yoga etc. You can also buy some cheap equipment like weights, resistance bands, weight rods with weighted plates and some heavier equipment like at home gyms, treadmills etc. But remember, you need not spend a fortune to stay fit. In fact just going out for a jog for 20 minutes can do wonders for your fitness. Try this article where we have mentioned 5 best exercises to do at home if you want to know some great at home exercises.


Stay focused and keep it interesting

multiple exercises
Gym workouts can be really daunting and boring sometimes. But do not make your at home workouts boring otherwise you’ll fall off this wagon as well. Try to mix it up with different exercises like playing sports, hiking, swimming, at home workouts, skipping, rock climbing. No matter what you choose, stay focused and try not to get bored otherwise your simple fitness exercise may turn into a monster for you.



Avoid sitting at a place for more than 40 minutes

Sit at office desk
It is believed that people who sit at their desk for an increased interval of time are more prone to chronic back problems than people who do not have a desk job or do not sit that much on their desk. Even simple trick like stretching or standing can increase your chances of burning calories by upto 33%.



Employ Stretching and twitching

Twitching, although irritating, is very important too. It involves stretching muscles, tapping fingers, neck movement, movement of wrists etc. There’s been established a direct link between metabolism and these small joint movements. You can also stretch/lift your legs while watching TV/Movie or read which another small and simple fitness exercise. Just make sure you do not annoy other people with this habit.



Take Deep Breaths

Deep Breaths
Try another of this simple fitness tip. Whenever you find a few minutes like waiting in a traffic jam, at work or at home, just sit back, relax and take a few deep breaths. Do this for 2-3 minutes. This will boost your oxygen intake, keep you relaxed and less stressed out too.



Walk neighbor’s dog/dogs or get your own

Walking the dogWalking Man’s best friend is a great way to get in your daily exercise without going to the gym. Walking a dog is like a chore that you need to do every day else it will poop all over the house. Moreover, you will feel a lot less stressed in the company of the canine. Studies have proved that people who spend 30 minutes to 1 hour in the company of a pet are less likely to suffer stress related illness. So take your pet/neighbor’s dog out for a walk or you can ask your local shelter home about whether they need assistance in walking the dogs. We recommend walking 30-45 minutes with the dog.


These simple fitness exercises apart, be mindful of any health condition that you may have and consult your doctor before embarking on any fitness schedule/activity.

So you see, you do not necessarily need a gym to stay fit anyways. Just follow these simple fitness exercises or tips, if you may, to stay fit while having fun, comfort and longevity.


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